Sample Brunch

soups + salads
dry jack caesar salad … 9/14.5 add boccorones! … +3
sebastopol lettuces, asian pears, pepitas … 9/14.5
breakfast panzanella salad w/ an egg on top … 15
cup of spicy tomato soup + carmody grilled cheese sandwich … 13.5
cup of soup + ½ salad … 14.5

johnny’s granola + honey yogurt, dried apricots … 9
king+queen of pork bacon-in-the-batter waffle, bacon toffee + espresso gelato … 14.5
spud-o-rama, fiscalini cheddar cheese, scallions, sour cream, a sunnyside egg on top … 14
black beans, black beans, farm eggs, fiscalini cheddar cheese, smashed avocado, feta, corn chips … 15
john’s whole “hog ham” benedict, village bakery english muffin, backyard tarragon bearnaise … 18
johnny’s corned beef hash + sunnyside farm eggs … 15
HANGTOWN FRY – fried oysters, farm egg + backyard tarragon frittata, bacon … 18
bacon–in-the-burger, fiscalini cheddar pimento cheese, zazu“Q”, cider vinegar chicharrones … 19
today’s smokehouse plate … 18.5

“as seen on tv” maple glazed donut + bacon jimmies … 5.5
mexican chocolate poptart … 4.5
a bowl of gabriel farm’s asian pears + crème fraiche whipped cream … 9
village bakery english muffin + housemade jam or nutella … 4.5
black pig bacon … 9
crispy spuds … 9

20% service will be included on the check. Tipping laws changed this spring. Including a service charge enables us to share with the entire team. We believe the experience here is made by the work of front & back together. Making food from scratch, including the farming & butchery, is labor intensive. Merchandise & to-go are exempt.

We make our own bacon & salumi from pigs that roam free. We source local, sustainable, & ethical meats. We farm in three locations in Sonoma County: The Barlow, MacBryde Farm in Forestville, and Davis Family Vineyards in Healdsburg. Our chefs make everything from scratch. Please enjoy your time together.

last updated 1.1.2017. please call 707.523.4814 for up to date menu options and prices.