Sample Dinner

salumi from john the butcher
12 ea. or choose 3 … 27
the entire butcher’s board! … 89
a jar of cris’s pickles … 6

good food award coppa
coppa di testa
liberty duck pate
red wine felino

antipasti from the farmer
8 ea. or choose 3 … 21
roasted ruby beets, blood orange, hazelnuts
ras al hanout roasted romanesco, meyer lemon
lucky black eyed pea hummous, smoked paprika
green beans, blue cheese, almonds

from the cheesemaker
12 ea. or choose 3 … 27
shaft’s blue (cow)
weirauch st. rose (sheep)
penny royal boont corners (raw goat)
fiscalini cheddar pimento cheese (cow)

RODEO JAX®, black pig bacon caramel popcorn … 4.5
BLACK PIG BACON WRAPPED DATE + harissa … 2.5 ea.
a bucket of KOREAN CHICKEN WINGS + black sesame seeds … 15
TOMBO TUNA CRUDO, avocado, english cucumbers, sesame cracker … 17
HANGTOWN FRY – fried oysters, farm egg + backyard tarragon frittata, bacon … 18
BURRATA UMA UMA in a skillet, confit garlic, grilled radicchio, saba … 18
ROASTED BONE MARROW, hog jaw bacon jam, pickled mustard seeds … 17
SONOMA DRY JACK “CAESAR” … 14.5   add boccorones! +3
LETTUCES, thomas george persimmons, gabriel farm asian pears, pepitas … 14.5
roasted BRUSSELS SPROUTS + BACON salad, apples, marcona almonds, bohemian creamery capriago … 15
cup of SPICY TOMATO SOUP + a tiny bellwether carmody grilled cheese sandwich … 13.5

our handmade pasta
PORCINI NOODLE “STROGANOFF”, sebastopol mushrooms + arugula, redwood hill goat cheese … 25.5
RUBY BEET GNOCCHI ROSSI, blue cheese fonduta, green valley chestnuts, gabriel farm’s asian pears … 26.5
STONE VALLEY PIG SUGO + RIGATONI, backyard rosemary, grana padano … 29

BODEGA BAY DUNGENESS CRAB CIOPPINO, mussels, clams, wild shrimp, fennel, saffron, garlic bread … 33
TURDUCKEN BANGERS + SMASH, fried brussels, cranberry chutney … 28
BUTTERMILK FRIED TOLENAS FARM QUAIL bbq peanuts, collards, hard cider gastrique … 29
THE DIRTY BURGER, stemplecreek beef + bacon, liberty duck pate, caramelized onions, chicharrónes … 19
28-DAY DRY AGED RIBEYE, black truffle gratin, cippolini onion agrodolce … 49

9 ea. or choose 3 … 23
black pig bacon
all-american fries, buttermilk dipper
backyard chard, chili flake, toasted garlic

FAMILY STYLE by 48 hour preorder
the whole stemple creek beef shank + porcini noodle stroganoff … 199 serves up to 8-10
(includes one “get shanked @ zazu” t shirt)
a whole honey + chili glazed pig head w/ toast … 65 serves 8-10 as a starter

20% service will be included on the check. Tipping laws changed this spring. Including a service charge enables us to share with the entire team. We believe the experience here is made by the work of front & back together. Making food from scratch, including the farming & butchery, is labor intensive. Merchandise & to-go are exempt.

We make our own bacon & salumi from pigs that roam free. We source local, sustainable, & ethical meats. We farm in three locations in Sonoma County: The Barlow, MacBryde Farm in Forestville, and Davis Family Vineyards in Healdsburg. Our chefs make everything from scratch. Please enjoy your time together.

last updated 1.1.2017. please call 707.523.4814 for up to date menu options and prices.