Cris Chanin,
Catering Chef

img038-bigCris is our catering chef. When asked how he got into cooking, he tells of spending countless hours in the kitchen with his grandmother. While his grandmother was a prolific baker, she also taught him the value of a good meal and how it brings family and friends together,  she would say, “cooking is about passion and feeling” anyone can prepare food, but not everyone puts their heart into it. You must cook with your heart”.

Graduating from Le Cordon Bleu with high honors, Cris has gone on to work in some of the top restaurants in Los Angeles, Lucque, Luca,  and The Belvedere, to name a few. Cris became a private chef, which led him to a position on the television show HELLS KITCHEN. After a few seasons, Cris and his wife decided it was time to slow the family down and they moved to Northern California. Cris wanted to live in a community that understood the value of sustainable farming and be able to source ingredients locally.   In his free time Cris spends time with his wife, Dara, two children and four very mischievous dogs.