Jenny Malicki, Pastry

jennyJenny Malicki, though formally trained in fashion design, considers her transition into pastry a natural one. Her personal style, Mid-Century vintage, has largely influenced her taste in desserts. Drawing inspiration from the bunts, chiffons, and meringues that her mother used to make, Jenny revitalizes classic recipes with her unparalleled artistry and emphasis on local, seasonal ingredients.

She cites both the Downtown Bakery in Healdsburg and her mother, Dorothy, as her inspiration for pursuing a career in pastry.

Only ten years ago, Jenny made the switch from front of house manager at the Downtown Bakery to full-time pastry chef at Café Saint Rose, where she began gaining notoriety for her exquisite confections. She later moved on to Peter Lowell’s, and most recently Spinster Sisters, before joining us here at Zazu. She is best known for fruit pie, with a crust that would make a grown man cry.  She lives by the Julia Child quote, “A party without cake is just a meeting.” You better save room!