Richard Soss, Farmer

image1A local native, Richard studied earth sciences in San Diego and San Francisco before moving back home to Sonoma County. After spending time in the local restaurant industry, he decided to try his hand in the other side of the industry, interning on a farm in New Mexico. Upon his return, he worked on a few other farms before opening his own, Twin Dog Farms. Specializing in peppers and tomatoes, you can find him at various farmers markets throughout the county.

Taking over the farming operations here at Zazu in January 2017, Richard has emphasized a consistent production of a wide range of crops, as well as the herb garden in front of the restaurant. Richard’s farming philosophy is to create an organic and sustainable garden while understanding that the best produce comes from care. Richard is an avid basketball and football fan and if he’s not talking your ear off about vegetables, he’s probably quoting sports stars.